Digital marketing course (professional)

Digital marketing course - Professional level provides you with knowledge and insights into the possibilities of digital transformation of the organization, but also of the individual. The course contains a total of 30 modules and comprehensively deals with digital marketing. Through these modules, you will get integrated lessons from the Executive and Manager level digital marketing courses, which will give you a comprehensive view of digital.

Become Digital Marketing Expert


What is the goal of the course? The goal of this course is to provide participants with a complete and detailed knowledge of all areas that SEO implies: from the technical adjustment of the site, through writing content on the site, to building a network of links and site promotion. After successfully completing the course, you will have enough knowledge that you can not only design an SEO strategy for yourself or your client, but also to implement it step by step and measure the results and success of your work.

Facebook and instagram course

Facebook and Instagram course Find a job or improve your position. With the help of our training, you can successfully start or develop your own business.

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Private 1-1 training

Private digital marketing classes are intended for individuals and are based exclusively on an individual approach. We believe that this is the only way for classes to be fully adapted to the level of knowledge, experience and needs of students, all in order to achieve the best possible results. The duration of the training depends on the knowledge, goals and needs of the students. Attendees can apply for one of the topics - SEO, E-mail marketing, but also for training related to a narrowly defined topic within the mentioned areas (exclusively Google My Business or only Affiliate marketing

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