Experienced IT segment professional: WEB programmer, designer, creator of various displays of required content, digital technology manager, SEO and PPC expert. The focus of my work is on taking your digital presence to the next level in the modern world, so that you can achieve your primary goals. With my experience, you can push your current boundaries in the IT business world, and thus we are mutually rewarded. The best results are achieved by combining software and the WEB with design and marketing. By symbiosis of these two elements, the bond of power in the market becomes strong! Read the offer of all my products / services and learn to enjoy your new experience of digital engagement.

Founder's message

I have been doing digital marketing for the last several years and I consider myself a complete digital marketer. I have done more than a hundred digital campaigns for different markets and for almost all industries. After a hundred, I stopped counting. I graduated from the Faculty of Commercial and Business Economics in Belgrade, as the best student of the generation. I started my career as a sales manager for a large optical house. After that, I started working in the IT sector, starting with the design of VRM applications and social networks. After Rolling Eyewear, I became the Marketing Director of an Egyptian real estate-focused company, thus extensive international experience. Along with these jobs, I did intensive digital marketing for clients from Egypt and Serbia. Experience in selling and promoting products, and the ability to establish contact with

customers took place with mutual trust. A resourceful, ambitious and cheerful person who takes responsibility in critical situations can also become your mentor / associate.

I am the founder of my own company so that my creative ideas would be recognized for all those who need diversity in the digital world. Personal eloquence allows me to work in several fields and engagements, which is a characteristic of every freelance artist. 

The concept of my work is based on the use of different metric degrees in marketing design. In this way, I help you improve your online business.